In all walks of life, we must deal with difficult people, either externally or internally. Even though we can be critical of ourselves and we have constant battles within ourselves that can be overwhelming. The external factors can be family, friends, so-called friends, coworkers, church members, and enemies. This constant battle within us and outside forces can bring any of us to the edge. There must be a balance. We are not perfect. We will make mistakes. We should not be too hard on ourselves. On the other hand, those external forces must be held in check if you are going to be a successful individual. Those who point fingers at you, who talk negatively about you, who gossip about you - you must know how to deal with these snakes or very difficult people. It is my hope that these pages will help you in that effort.

Please remember, keep your lawn manicured, grass well cut and keep your weeds down to a minimum. This should be done so you can easily spot the snakes. The same analogy applies on your job, a business, in your church, any civic organization, or even your family. Good Luck!!

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